Veteran’s Memorial Services
for the Lewiston, Sanborn & Niagara Falls, NY Area

Our veterans have put their life on the line to protect and serve our country. We appreciate their service and sacrifice. They are the defenders of our beautiful democracy. Unfortunately, we all pass away eventually. This is a cruel fact of life. However, when our veterans pass, it feels different. We owe them for our freedom, and they deserve to be honored for their commitment to our country. Our funeral home provides elegant veteran memorial services for our fallen soldiers.

When a veteran passes, the staff at our funeral home strives to help families plan a veteran's memorial service that will honor the life of their loved ones in a special way. Eligible veterans are entitled to certain Military Funeral Honors, free of charge, which is mandated by law. This includes two uniformed military members present at the services, the playing of Taps, and folding and presenting the U.S. flag. Contact us today to begin discussing your veteran's memorial service in the Lewiston, Sanborn and Niagara Falls, NY area.

Begin Planning a Veteran's Memorial Today

At Hardison Funeral Homes, Inc., we provide our beloved fallen veterans with memorial services in the Lewiston, Sanborn and Niagara Falls, NY area. The mourning process is always difficult after the passing of someone we love. A memorial service is a nice way to honor someone’s life and the impact they had on people. Our veterans have made a significant impact on everyone’s life in America, and they deserve a special veteran’s memorial service to honor that. These services also help us to properly mourn them. Contact us today to learn more about our veteran’s memorial services in the Lewiston, Sanborn and Niagara Falls, NY region.