Memorial Ideas for Veterans

Losing someone is hard, no matter the circumstances. When it comes to the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country, they deserve a memorial service to thank them and showcase the special honors of their time in the service. Having a room full of friends, family members, and those who served alongside of the deceased shows what a true impact they had.

Every memorial celebration is unique whether it is a veteran or a civilian. Personalizing a memorial service for a loved one and making it into a celebration of life can be healing and joyful for the family. At this time, those attending the services can share stories and reflect on the life of their loved one.

There is no way to properly memorialize our veterans, especially after everything they've done for their country. However, it is still important to make an effort. Here are some ideas to help celebrate a veteran you love.

Create a Guest Book

Often, funeral homes set out guest books for people to write well wishes to the family. At a memorial service for a veteran, a guest book could be laid out with a special cover or seal on it for visitors to sign, write well wishes for the family, or leave memories of the deceased. 

Celebration of Life Ceremony

During these celebrations, friends and family members are encouraged to provide pictures and other documents, physically and digitally, that will be put together for all attending the service to see. This may shed more light on how the loved one spent their life, especially if there are pictures from deployments, that most family members may not have seen.

Have a Military Display

Medals, uniforms, pictures, and achievements can all be presented on a table during the memorial service. This will help showcase their achievements and commitment to our country.


Another way to highlight a veteran’s career is to bury them in their uniform to show how proud they were of their profession and this country.

American Flag

An American flag is usually draped over the casket during any funeral service of a veteran. When you work with your funeral director, they will help you obtain a flag. A flag ceremony may also be held.

Celebrate Their Whole Life

Although the military was a big part of their life, it's important to celebrate their whole life. This may include family life and other things they were passionate about.

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If you are in the Lewiston, Niagara Falls, or Sanborn, NY area, we would love to be a part of your veteran’s memorial service. Being a part of our country’s military is a noble act of selflessness, and your loved one deserves to be honored for their dedication in keeping the country and your family safe. Likewise, our funeral home would be honored to be a part of your veteran’s memorial service. We welcome you to get in touch with us today to start the planning process.